Fiona Lim


Self taught in her humble abode. Fiona specialize in forging magical moments through exquisite florals, artistic details and bespoke jar designs. Her journey began; designing and supplying a small range of hand-tied bouquets and Mason jar arrangements for friends, family, small events and personal occasions. Over time, as the demand became greater, so did her passion to fulfill her customers’ desires for more flower bouquets and wedding flowers.

From accountants to aunties, graduations to The Singapore Yacht Show, Flowers and Jars continue to serve a wide range of markets, clients and budgets. Whatever your reason, purpose or need, we strive to offer you an affordable, personalized and unique service that is sure to warm the hearts of your recipients.

Singapore is a hotbed for independent florists and we are relishing the design, display and discussion of our customized flowers bouquets and Mason jar posies.


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For me, flowers are my most treasured thing in the world. They transform every space - making the simplest rooms exuberant and alluring. I consider them to be a visual jewel and the aroma they give off is just delectable!
— Fiona Lim, Founder of Flowers & Jars