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Florist in Singapore specializing in wedding bouquets, events flowers and Mason jar posies.

Flowers AND JARS



Hello there and welcome! For me, flowers are my most treasured thing in the world. I've spent most of my childhood surrounded by flowers. My grandma used to grow Hibiscus, Orchids and even fruits in our backyard. I remember picking the flowers that she grew and pretended I had my own flower shop, selling the flowers that she grew to my "customers" (by the way, which were my cousins). With that, I started Flowers and Jars in 2015. I always think that flowers are enchanting and a bit peculiar. Almost like they have magic in them! They transform every space - making the simplest rooms exuberant and alluring. Have a look around this space and you'll get what I mean.

Our Beliefs

Flowers and Jars' arrangements/bouquets are groomed with individual care. Each flower is fashioned to perfection and stylishly transported to their journey's end in the shortest possible time, all by hand! Freshness and quality is our duty, so you can be assured that your flower bouquets and Mason jar posies will last twice as long! 

Every bouquet is faithfully fashioned in-house by Fiona. It means we’re able to monitor quality very closely and can promise that your flowers will never include a lifeless bloom or weary stem. If you have any special desires or something out of the ordinary please let us know, we are happy to create a bespoke arrangement/bouquet for you.

We offer friendly, flower-loving customer service. Fiona, adores nothing more than gleaming, blissful customers. That's why she goes out of her way to make ordering flowers as pleasurable as receiving them. We specializes in supplying bespoke flower bouquets and Mason jar posies for weddings, events and everyday occasions.