It's British Flower Week

As a frequent traveler to London and the south coast of England, I am often inspired by British flowers and European decor. Although Singapore is 6000km away, flower lovers should take note that its British Flower Week.


British Flower Week is shining a limelight on the best of British cut flowers and working with the top notch independent British florists to display just what British flowers are all about!

Right now, British cut flowers are enjoying a renaissance in demand. Just as interest in locally-grown organic food has blossomed, so people are once again appreciating the value of locally-grown, freshly cut flora.

Up until the 1970s, the only flowers you would ever see in the Flower Markets and nurseries came from flower farmers in Britain.

Today, the vast preponderance of flowers in your average mall flower shop will have been developed by large scale commercial growers in China, Holland, South America and Africa and channeled through the Dutch auctions and wholesale market.

British Flowers Week is bringing British cut flowers back!

Singapore has an abundance of flower lovers, in particularly brides looking for the perfect wedding flowers and bouquets. Why note take note of British Flower Week and let us know if anything inspired you.


Fiona Lim
Why Women Love Flower Bouquets

Independent Singaporean florist, Fiona Lim, describes why all women love flowers.

“Now that Valentine's and Mother’s Day is over there are plenty of guys who need some schooling, in how to treat their lady. From bespoke flower bouquets to Mason jar posies it’s important to know why women love flowers. Gentlemen, don’t try to fool yourselves into believing women don't really like flowers, since they die and wilt away. We adore them! Yes, we do like to be spoiled sometimes and no, the presents don't always need to be physical. But in reality, one cannot refute the protagonist that custom flowers play. Some men think floral bouquets are just for wedding day flowers, but here’s why women love receiving flowers.

1. We like that they're “pointless.”

Some guys consider that giving flower bouquets is worthless because the flowers will eventually die. Though we love the idea of an incessantly kind of love, we still like the knowledge that you can give us something transient and thrilling. Even if it seems that your dollar is being put to waste, it's nice to know that you paid for something that will harvest a definite smile from us.

2. Women think they imitate who they are

Call it superficial, but many women have faith in that flowers reflect who we are. If you buy visibly cut-rate flowers, then we may believe you believe we're cheap. We don't need to accept flowers daily; so on the special instances when you take the floral leap buy the finest, freshest, most sweet-smelling high quality arrangement. It's a really great way to compliment your lady.

3. We like how they stop time for a twinkling

I know it may seem barren to you, but many of us like observing Mason jar posy on our kitchen table, a custom flower bouquet on our study desk or a centre piece arrangement in the conference room. We can actually spend a minute or two appreciating them and smelling their cologne. Really — they can stop time. Wouldn't you like to be the object behind this flash of harmony?

4. Women like remembering how they received them.

The company of your flower bouquet sparks the memory of you when you were given them, what verses were used in the greeting card and the overall charm of the moment. Flower bouquets are a sure fire way to grab a lady’s devotion and make her endlessly think of you whenever she glances at her bespoke flower arrangement.

5. We deserve them!

We don't care how much or little they cost. We don't care if it you bought them from the market or contacted a bespoke florist to design them. It doesn't matter. The fact is that every lady merits being enchanted by flower bouquets and Mason jar posies— despite the fact that they wilt, they make us feel exceptional — which is ideally, what you want!


Fiona Lim
Mason Jar Posies

Recently, I have been fascinated with the endless possibilities of Mason jar flowers. As a florist in Singapore, I am always looking for new and interesting ways to vary from the traditional hand tied bouquet style. Although this is something I also adore, Mason jar flowers are something refreshing and an avenue of the floral industry that is currently trending.

From small Mason jars to large center piece displays, I’ve been experimenting with what works best. I’ve been trialing large flowers such as Hydrangeas and Peonies in small Mason jars and more petite flowers such as Spray Roses and Alstromerias in bigger Mason jars. The aim was to find the correct balance of Mason jar to flower ratio. Too much Mason Jar and the flowers will not be highlighted, too many flowers and the Mason jar looks crowded and too compact – the result was somewhere in the middle.

After many months, I think I’ve finally ‘got it’. Check out our Flowers and Jars’ Mason jar posies and see if you agree.


Singapore Florist - Mother's Day 2016

Mother’s Day! One of the floral industry’s busiest days of the year for a Singapore florist, and just like that it’s over at the speed of light! With all the flowers arrangements, preparation, late night planning and lots of sweeping up – it was a test of creative endurance and patience.

This was my first Mother’s Day as a professional florist. The way my hands feel, it could be my last. Jokes aside, it’s ever florist’s dream to wake up each morning with numerous emails, text messages and missed calls from customers entrusting you to design flowers from the heart, for their mother. No pressure, of course…

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, I started taking orders 3 weeks before the event and even received some last minute orders as late as 2 days before. From, blush pink Holland carnations to stunningly fresh peonies there was a wide range of orders for hand tied flower bouquets and Mason jar flowers.

I would like to express a sincere thank you to all my supportive customers, I hope your lovely mothers enjoyed their special day and the flowers you bought added that extra little charm. Till next year…


A Blooming Fresh Start!

Last year, a seed was sown, I decided to quit my city job and follow my dream to start up my own floral company. Like with any seed, the flower cannot immediately be seen. You have to be patient.

Twelve months on, small buds are beginning to develop and soon flowers will blossom. I am now the owner of a registered company, with a new website, logo, associates and loyal customers.

It's been a tough journey of sun drenched days and terrestrial downpours but here we are reaching for the light.

Thank you to everyone that watered me. Onward and upwards -Fiona, Flowers and Jars.


Fiona Lim